Thursday, June 3, 2010

He is down but not out!

Like everyone he has his pros and cons. However, of late his negatives are hogging the limelight and his strengths are being sidelined. But that doesn’t mean he is out, he is just down and is waiting to strike back with vengeance. We are talking about
Gunasekhar, the director who made blockbusters like Chudalani Undi and Okkadu. Of course he is the one who made disastrous flicks like Mrugaraju, Sainikudu and Varudu. With so much humiliation and criticism after his back to back duds Sainikudu and Varudu, Gunasekhar is now aiming to win back his respect. He is currently getting script ready for a hugely popular hero of Tollywood. Let’s wish and hope Gunasekhar to strike the gold and get back on track.

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