Friday, June 4, 2010

Vedam Premier show report

Vedam report from the premiere screened in Prasad Labs on Thursday evening.  Chiranjeevi's family and others watched this show. The report from this show is as follows...

First half is entertaining. Each character is introduced with a song. Allu Arjun's character is the biggest asset. He rocked with a stunning performance. Manoj's role is very limited. Anushka did a splendid job. Interval bang is interesting.
Second half is emotional. There are many moving scenes and dialogs need a special mention. Climax is heart touching.
Chiranjeevi is so impressed with the movie and he congratulated each and everyone who worked for the movie. Everyone who watched the film is very much satisfied. As of now, Vedam is getting positive reports from the viewers. Let us wait for the general audience take on the movie.


  1. Movie Bavundi..

    Krish touch kanapadindi

    Parallel threads meeting at the end.


  2. i expect this movie to be should be hit...watching to night